We started Jp Cattle Co. to produce top quality bulls that would perform on a commercial cattle ranch because after all, we are commercial cattlemen. Between our two families, we collectively run 1,300 commercial pairs, fill a 3,000 head feedlot and manage 21,000 acres of land.
Our story began with the record setting sale of SVS Captain Morgan 11Z. We tried our best to be part owners in the great bull but came up a bit short. Thankfully, we were able to purchase semen from the Dimler family. We wanted to A.I. a large number of our commercial cows in order to produce half blood bulls to use in our herds. Captain Morgan was the bull we needed; we were as sure of this then as we are now. Our plans escalated from there. We purchased a cowherd from Sun Rise Simmentals and entered the purebred world. Suddenly we were preparing for January calving, figuring out the registration process, launching a website, upgrading our cattle blower and making some very exciting plans for the future. At that point we were moving beyond our home fences; we were going to sell bulls!
We are proud of our calf crops whether we are talking about the bulls we take to our sale, the ones out breeding in our pastures or the group of heifers we are anxiously awaiting becoming mothers. We sought to improve our cow herd; invested in quality cows and began flushing them. We have flushed ten elite cows this year, most noted being Blacksand Linette 834U, Springcreek Linne 59U and LFE BS Sheila 82A from Canadian Donors. In their previous homes, 834U and 59U were part of the foundation from which some very impressive cow families were built. They were the lead off sellers at their respective sales, Blacksand Cattle Company’s herd dispersal and Springcreek Simmental’s Golden Opportunity sale. We definitely appreciate having them in our pens. LFE BS Sheila 82A took champion Simmental female at both CWA and Farmfair International last year, we would love to see her in our pen however we happily settle for embryos from Canadian Donors. Our next move was to find another great bull. We purchased Wheatland Royal Flush 435B from the Lafrentz family and are excited to see the impact he will have on our herd.
We believe in the program we are creating and are committed to testing it on a large scale in our own commercial herds to ensure our animals perform in your herd.

The Jp Crew!


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